News 2021

  • 6 august 2021

    Filing statement of accounts

    The liquidators have filed the statement of accounts for inspection at the trade register and at the office of the Trust Office at Hoogoorddreef 15, 1101 BA Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where such documents are available for the period of two months prescribed by law, starting as of today.

  • 4 august 2021

    Dissolution and winding-up Trust Office

    In the meeting of the board of the Trust Office held on 3 August 2021, the board of Foundation Unilever Trust Office resolved (amongst others) to dissolve the Trust Office per such date and to appoint the (former) board members of the Trust Office, being Mr J.H. Schraven and Mr P.M.L. Frentrop, as liquidators of the assets and liabilities of the Trust Office. With the entering into effect of the dissolution, the Trust Office only continuous to exist insofar necessary for the liquidation of its assets and liabilities.

  • 4 august 2021

    Annual report 2020/2021

    In the meeting of the board of the Trust Office held on 3 August 2021, the annual report of the Trust Office in respect of the financial year 2020/2021 has been adopted. The report can be found under “Downloads".

  • 20 july 2021

    Sale of shares and consignment

    On June 26, 2019, the Board of the Foundation Unilever Trust Office ("Trust Office") resolved to terminate the depositary receipt structure. Earlier that day at the meeting of holders of depositary receipt of the Trust Office approval was granted for this resolution.

    The termination of the depositary receipt structure was effected in respect of the holders of book-entry depositary receipts on June 28, 2019. Holders of non-book-entry depositary receipts for which bearer certificates had been issued by the predecessor of the Trust Office ("Bearer Certificates") had the opportunity for a period of two (2) years, i.e. up to and including 26 June 2021, to exchange their Bearer Certificates free of charge for ordinary shares in Unilever N.V. and as of 29 November 2020, for ordinary shares in Unilever PLC.

    The period during which Bearer Certificates could be exchanged for shares in Unilever PLC has meanwhile expired. In accordance with the Trust Conditions of the Trust Office and as already announced and explained in the agenda for the meeting of holders of depositary receipt on June 26, 2019, the Board of the Trust Office has decided to sell the remaining shares held by the Trust Office and to give the sale proceeds less costs into consignment (in consignatie) to the deposit fund (consignatiekas) at the Dutch Ministry of Finance ("Consignatiekas").

    The sale of the shares took place on June 30, 2021, and the consignment has meanwhile also taken place. Holders of Bearer Certificates can hand these in at the Consignatiekas for another twenty (20) years from July 16, 2021, and will then receive the value of their Bearer Certificates in cash. The cash compensation will be calculated in accordance with the provisions in the Regulations for Conversion referred to in Article 14.2 of the Trust Conditions of the Trust Office. The original Bearer Certificates must thereby be handed over. Holders of Bearer Certificates will have no further claims on the Trust Office. For the record, it is stated, as already announced in 2019, that the Bearer Certificates do no longer entitle the holder thereof to any dividends.

    Holders of Bearer Certificates can report to the Consignatiekas to turn in their original Bearer Certificates. The following link provides further information on requesting a payment from the Consignatie Office: Claim submission | Consignatie Office |

    A request for payment can be sent to:

    Ministry of Finance
    Consignation Office
    P.O. Box 20201
    2500 EE The Hague

  • 28 June 2021

    With reference to and following a previous news release dated 27 June 2019 entitled 'Termination of depositary receipt structure on 28 June 2019', the board of the Trust Office announces that the two-year period during which holders of bearer depositary receipts could exchange their non-cash depositary receipts for ordinary shares in Unilever PLC has now expired.

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