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Carla M.S. Smits-Nusteling (1966) is a non-executive director and former CFO and member of the Board. After graduating at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (Masters in Business Economics) she started her professional career in TNT Post Group. She worked for 10 years in TPG. The first six years in various financial roles after which she switched to operational management. She was general manager of an operational mail unit in Dordrecht before she was promoted to general manager of a region in PTT Post where she led 1500 people. During the internet hype around the year 2000 she left TNT to start working for KPN. KPN is the Dutch telecommunications company with at the time revenues of around 12 bn euros and around 35000 people. She started again in finance on the M&A side. She had various financial roles both in financial control as well as business control before she got promoted to director of corporate Control in 2006. In this position she was asked to take the helm as CFO of KPN and join the Board of Management in 2009. In 2012 she left KPN after 12 years. She has extensive financial experience. She knows how to deal with capital markets, investor relations, restructuring, working capital management, transformations, SOX, IFRS, US GAAP, stakeholders etc. KPN is a listed company in the Netherlands and used to be listed at the NYSE.
Her non-executive positions are within international companies: ASML, Tele2 and Nokia.

2016 - present
Nokia: Non-Executive Director - Member audit committee
2015 - present
Deputy judge in the Enterprise Section of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal (“Raad plaatsvervanger bij De Ondernemingskamer van het Gerechtshof te Amsterdam”)
2013 - present
ASML: Non-Executive Director – chairman audit committee
Tele2 AB: Non-Executive Director – chairman audit committee
KPN: Chief Financial Officer and member of the Board of Directors
KPN: Various financial positions like Director Corporate Control, Manager Business Control, Mergers & Acquisitions
TNT/TPG: Various financial and operational positions
Masters in Business Economics- Erasmus University Rotterdam Executive Master of Finance and Control-Vrije University Amsterdam
Dutch, English, German and Portuguese (social)
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