Profile A. Nühn

Adriaan Nühn (1953) is former Chairman of the Management Board of Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts and CEO of Sara Lee International. He started his career in Marketing in 1978 at Richardson-Vicks in Belgium where after he was transferred to South Africa. In 1985 the company was acquired by Procter & Gamble and he was transferred as Area Manager to Scandinavia and later to Austria. In 1990 he joined Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts in the Netherlands where he became an Management Board Member in 1995 responsible for the worldwide Household Personal Care Division (a.o. Sanex, Zwitsal, Prodent). After 4 years he became responsible for the Coffee & Tea Division (a.o. Senseo, Pickwick) and in 2003 he was appointed as Chairman of the Management Board. Since 2009 he has hold internationally several Non-Executive positions. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Puget Sound in the USA and a degree from the Hogere Economische School in Eindhoven.

Current positions

Chairman Supervisory Board:

  • Wereldhave N.V. (from April 2017)
  • N.V.

Member Supervisory Board:

  • Anglovaal Industries Ltd (South-Africa)
  • Hunter Douglas N.V.

Board of Directors:

  • WWF (Wereld Natuur Fonds Netherlands)
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